National Ballet of Benin

The Republic of Benin is a country that attracts with its mystery, extraordinary traditions, unique flora and fauna. Benin attracts with its unusual historical monuments associated with the difficult history of this country. Here are the unique Palace complex of the city of Abomey, «African Venice» – the small village of Ganvie, which stands in the middle of the lake and the Pendjari National Park, which has preserved to this day untouched African nature. Its capital Porto Novo is a «City with three names». And in the local culture and everyday life of the Beninеse citizens Christianity and paganism, ancient beliefs and modern lifestyle are closely intertwined.

The centuries-old traditions and culture of Benin at the VI World Folkloriada CIOFF ® will be presented by the National Ballet of Benin. Its team consists of professional artists from the best dance and ballet groups in Benin. Their work is aimed at preserving the intangible cultural heritage of the country: songs, dances, music, proverbs, traditional games, etc.

The repertoire of the National Ballet of Benin mainly presents joy dances, voodoo dances, as well as dances of royal courts and modern dances. Created in 1992, the National Ballet of Benin worthily represents its country at international festivals in China, Japan, Venezuela, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Russia and in a number of other countries of the world.