Mitad del mundo

The Republic of Ecuador is a country of legendary civilizations. This unique state is located in the equatorial zone in the northwest of the South American continent. It is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by the longest and one of the highest mountain systems of the Earth – the Andes. The capital of  Ecuador – the famous city of Quito – is the first city in the world declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ecuador is a country that inherited the culture of the Mayan and Inca Empires, which also preserved the cultural traditions of European civilizations. This is a country with unique nature, lush tropical forests, amazing volcanic landscapes and picturesque ruins of ancient cities, a country of majestic mountains and lakes with unique flora and fauna.

At the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada this amazing state with the well-preserved bright and original culture will be presented by the team of the Ecuador Folklore Company «Mitad del mundo».

Its performances are based on traditional songs, music and dances of Ecuador, which traces the combination of the cultural heritage of the colonial era and the ancient folklore traditions of the indigenous population.