Hacettepe University Children and Youth Folk Dance Group

The Republic of Turkey is a country of sun and sea. This amazing country with a rich history and culture is located between Europe and Asia and has access to four seas: the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black, the Sea of Marmara.

Turkey is known for its large number of historical sights. So of the Seven Wonders of the world, two are located in this country-the Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus. The nature of this amazing state is unique. Here you can see the majestic mountains of Kemer, the green hills of Marmaris, the pine forests of Antalya, the vast plains of Belek, the stunningly beautiful beaches of Side, the clear blue waters of Alanya and the amazing Martian landscapes of Cappadocia.

Turkey, due to its geographical location, connecting East and West, has absorbed the cultures of many peoples, and is a symbiosis of middle Eastern, Asian, Caucasian and European cultural traditions. Thanks to this combination, the culture of Turkey is unique and multifaceted.

At the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada this beautiful country with a rich history and colorful culture will be presented by the Hacettepe University Children and Youth Folk Dance Group. At the moment the group  consists of 200 dancers  of 10-30 years of ages. The ensemble has participated in more than 100 international  Festivals in 33 different countries in the world. In bright colorful and original performances of the team, the customs and traditions of the Turkish people, whose roots go back to the distant past, are shown.



Introduction Video of Hacettepe University Children and Youth Folk Dance Group

USA Washington DC Turkish Festival 2015Whirling Dervish

Poland CIOFF 2017-Lublin Blacksea Dances

Portugal CIOFF “Mediterranean Cultures” 2018 –Lisboa Rhtyhym Show

Ukraine 2018 LutskCIOFF –Rhythm Show

Swıeto Dzıecı Gor 2017 – Halay

XXXII IFM Lublin 2017 – Davul Show and Blacksea

XXXII IFM Lublin 2017 – Halay

XXXII IFM Lublin 2017 – Roman

XXXII IFM Lublin 2017 – Davuıl Show 2

Canada CIOFF festival 2016 Drummondville -Rhythm Shows

Canada CIOFF Festival 2016 Drummondville

Tayvan CIOFF Festivali 2015 Roman Dance

Tayvan CIOFF Festivali 2015 Horon

Tayvan CIOFF Festivali 2015 Halay from Urfa & Bitlis

Tayvan CIOFF Festivali 2015 Blacksea dances

Tayvan CIOFF Festivali 2015 (PART 1)

Tayvan CIOFF Festivali 2015 (PART 2)

Tayvan CIOFF 2015 Festivali North Cyprus Folk Dance

2010 Tayvan ZEYBEK – Warrior Dances