Group "Sri Lanka"

Sri Lanka is «the island of eternal summer». The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. 

Sri Lanka is a country with many UNESCO protected sites. These are old cities, ancient monasteries, monuments of architecture, as well as an uncountable number of natural beauties in the form of tropical jungles, mountain waterfalls, national parks with their numerous inhabitants. The state of Sri Lanka, formerly called Ceylon, is one of the world's largest tea producers.

The multifaceted civilization of Sri Lanka has awarded the island a stunning cultural heritage, dating back centuries. At the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada the rich culture and traditions of this amazing country will be presented by the «Sri Lanka» group.

Its unusual, vivid performances reflect the original culture of the peoples inhabiting Sri Lanka, allow you to preserve and develop the centuries-old traditions and features of folklore inherent in different regions of the country.



Sri Lanka