Folklore Ensemble "Tam Ti Delam"

Canada is a country of six time zones. This amazing state with a very rich nature and incredible scenery, washed by three oceans. Canada has more rivers and lakes than the rest of the world, and three Сanadian islands are included  in the top ten largest in the world. The second largest state in the world has the longest coastline and about 1/5 of the world's fresh water reserves on the planet.

Canada is a truly unique country where human civilization lives in harmony with virgin nature. It impresses with the diversity of cultures. Here you can easily visit a little France (Quebec) or England (British Columbia), Scotland or Ukraine (Lemberg), plunge into the coloration of the indigenous population - Eskimos. The population of the country is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world, and the culture is rich in traditions and customs.

Canada will be represented at the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada by the Folk Ensemble "Tam Ti Delam". It was founded in the city of Sept-Iles in 1980 and for more than 39 years has been engaged in the preservation and popularization of Quebec folklore of ancient dances and music. Currently, the ensemble has several musicians and about 30 dancers. The group has repeatedly represented Canada at various international folklore festivals in France, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Portugal, Cyprus and other countries.