Folk Group "Brasil Central"

The Federative Republic of Brazil is a country of amazing contrasts. Lush tropical forests coexist here with majestic mountains, wild jungles-with luxurious beaches, huge rivers-with desert plateaus, and fast waterfalls - with quiet and cozy ocean bays. Brazil is a country of incendiary carnivals, football traditions, aromatic coffee and sentimental soap operas. It is the only country on the continent where Portuguese is spoken and not Spanish. In Brazil, there are just two of the seven modern wonders of the world - the statue of Christ, towering over Rio de Janeiro, and the Amazon - the most full-flowing and the largest river in the basin area.

The culture of Brazil is extraordinarily rich and diverse and is a unique blend of native American, European and African cultural elements. At the VI CIOFF ® World Folkloriada the amazing synthesis of cultural traditions and folklore of the inhabitants of Brazil will be presented by the Folk Group «Brasil Central».

Its bright dynamic and energetic performances, which include various art directions: theater, dance and music, are aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of this amazing corner of the planet.