Folk Group «Bilbili»

The Republic of Albania is a beautiful country located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. The territory of Albania is washed by the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. Albania is an amazing country with beautiful nature and rich history. Here, beautiful beaches lie next to breathtaking mountain ranges and sparkling lakes, while cities and charming villages are full of amazing old castles, Roman ruins, mosques and buildings of the Ottoman era.

Albania, which has an ancient history, has a unique culture that is not devoid of originality and color. At the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada the rich cultural traditions of this country will be presented by the Folk Group «Bilbili», founded in 1994 in the city of Vlore. In its repertoire, the group has songs, dances and traditional music, not only from the southern provinces, but also from many other parts of Albania.

The ensemble actively performs with concerts in Albania and abroad. It is a participant of international festivals in Italy, Macedonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Montenegro and many other countries.