The Kingdom of Spain is a country of bright summer sun, great music, sensual and temperamental dances. The most mountainous and highest country in Europe is almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is famous for ancient monuments, passionate flamenco and blood-curdling corrida. The culture and architecture of the country are interesting because they were created by different peoples for several hundred years. Spain is fire, passion and emotion. In customs, traditions and folklore, the manifestation of a national character, courage and hot temperament of its inhabitants are felt in everything.

The diversity, originality of Spanish traditions and folklore at the VI World Folkloriada CIOFF® will be presented by the Folk Group «Coros y Danzas de Lorca». From the moment of its foundation in 1945, the team strives to restore the traditions and customs of the city of Lorca and its surroundings, which were almost forgotten and lost, to preserve and elevate the oldest forms of folklore: ancient dances, songs, games.

At present, the «Coros y Danzas de Lorca» team, which consists of more than 100 people, is still determined to continue this great task of preserving and disseminating folklore inherited from previous generations.