Folk Dance Group of CIOFF®-Korea

The Republic of Korea - "land of morning calm". This is usually the name of a beautiful, prosperous and original country located in the northeast of Asia, in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Its shores are washed by the waters of three seas that are part of the Pacific Ocean - the Yellow, the Sea of Japan and the South (Strait of Korea).

This is a country with a unique national culture, traditions, centuries-old mentality, historical and natural attractions. It harmoniously combines modern technologies and adherence to centuries-old Asian traditions.

The scenic nature of South Korea borders on a rich cultural and historical heritage. Its natural resources are protected by the state and are part of national parks and reserves. There are amazingly beautiful ancient Buddhist monasteries, royal palaces, sculptural monuments, temples, fortresses, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

At the VI CIOFF ® World Folkloriada one of the most interesting countries with a rich and unusual culture will be represented by the Folk Dance Group of CIOFF®-Korea.

The bright performances of the team are aimed at the preservation and development of the unique cultural traditions and folklore of the Korean people, which are carefully read and transferred from generation to generation.