Ballet Sentimiento Criollo

Argentina  is a country of passionate tango and football. It is the largest state in South America, the second largest - in Latin America and the biggest among Spanish-speaking states.

Argentina is famous for its unusual national traditions, multiple cultural and historical monuments. The territory of the country lies in three climatic zones, and therefore you can observe a variety of landscapes, climate, colorful flora and fauna. Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the North and South America, reaching at its highest point 6962 meters. One of the most visited tourist attractions in Argentina are Iguazu Falls, included in the UNESCO world heritage site.
The soul of Argentine culture is the tango. Argentine tango is not just an ancient folk dance, it is a bright, unique combination of music, dance and poetry. This dance is included in the UNESCO intangible heritage list. The second passion of argentines is football. For the inhabitants of the country - it is a whole philosophy, a kind of religion of man.

At the VI CIOFF ®World Folkloriada Argentina with its incendiary dances and original traditions will be presented by the team «Ballet Sentimiento Criollo». Created in 1983, this folk ensemble is a true ambassador of Argentine folklore. The ensemble consists of 150 dancers of different ages. It has visited the number of international festivals in such countries as Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Switzerland, Serbia, Portugal, Germany, France.