Program of the VI World Folklore festival (VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada) in the Republic of Bashkortostan

July 18 – August 1, 2020

(85 countries)



July 16-17 (according to the transfer schedule)

Arrival of participants and guests

(transfer, accommodation in places of residence)

July 18, beginning at 16.00

Opening ceremony (Ice Palace «Ufa-Arena»)

July 19, beginning at 16.30

Costumed procession of participants of the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada. Opening of the "Heart of  Folkloriad " festival («Toratau» Congress hall Amphitheater)

July 20 (according to the transfer schedule)

Departure of participants to the appropriate festival districts of the Republic (check - in, rest)

July 21-30 (according to the festival program)

Festival program (according to a separate plan).

The festival program includes:

·         youth forums (with CIOFF® Youth members attending the event)

·         concert program

·         parades (processions of representatives of countries with flags, musical instruments and costumes);

·         exhibitions and fairs of costumes, music

·         tools and items of decorative and applied art (with participants provided for the arrival of masters, up to 2 people);

·         this is a day, excursions and other cultural events.

During the festival program, a day free from performances is planned – the day "Ethno world of Russia" (Ethno-day), when participants will be given the opportunity to visit one of the natural monuments of the Republic and get acquainted with the nature and culture of the inhabitants.

July 30 (according to the transfer schedule)

The return of the participants to Ufa

July 31

Excursions for participants, cultural program, rehearsal of the closing ceremony

August 1, beginning at 19.00

Closing ceremony of the Folkloriad and parade (the site of the «Toratau» Congress hall Amphitheater)

August 2

Departure of participants and guests